Coming this November…

Ever thought about writing a novel? What about trying to smash one out in a month? Fifty-thousand words, thirty days, one story.

The month of November is given over to Nanowrimo – or NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth.

Find that 50k word goal a bit daunting? We don’t blame you!(Although it’s only 1,666 words per day – about two hours of writing or so.) But you can sign up to Nanowrimo’s Young Writers Program instead! Here you can join our “Classroom”, and, more importantly, you can set your own goal. To join us, whatever your age or target word count, use this code QWAJDXWJ when you sign up.

On the Classroom’s website, you can view how everyone else is getting on, join in the chat and share ideas. You could also join us in the ILC every Thursday evening from 3-4pm plotting, creating characters and building worlds, as well as writing hard when November rolls around!

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