Revision – English Helpful Links

“Those GCSE exams are just around the corner…”

“Wait! I’ve forgotten everything! I don’t even know which texts I’m studying anymore!!!”

Said all teachers to all students everywhere…

The ILC is coming to your rescue!

We know it’s a stressful time, which is why the ILC has some copies of the York (or equivalent) notes for your GCSE English texts. We also have a few copies of the original texts and graphic novels incase you’ve mislaid your book.

If you happen to find that we’ve run out of copies you can even reserve one. You’ll get a note in your tutor tray letting you know it’s available to collect from the ILC.

We’ve also collated some handy links for you below. Please keep in mind that not all of these resources were written for this year, or Eduqas – the exam board we’re using and the assessment they’re using may differ from ours.


An Inspector Calls

Jekyll and Hyde

The Woman in Black

General useful links

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