I’ve finished my book…Now what?

Have you ever finished a book and it was so awesome that you told all your friends about it until they just wished you shut up? Have you read a book that was so awful that you need to share it with the world and save them from the torture?

Or have you finished a book and just don’t know what you want to read next? Have you finished all your favourite authors and don’t know what you fancy?

Well there are a couple of things you could do:

  1. Ask a friend – chances are they’ll have read something they think you’ll like
  2. Talk to the ILC team – we love recommending heaps of books
  3. Have a look at the Booktrust Bookfinder – you can filter by age and genre to find something new
  4. Or check out Toppsta, an interactive review site where you can read reviews by other people your age, or vent your burning joy (or wrath!) about a book.

Even better, Toppsta is a great place for you to see what else is out there that you might not have considered.

If you want to write a review make sure you know what you want to include. It’s best not to give away the ending or any major plot twists, but tell people why you loved it and why they should read it too. You could talk about why you liked the character, or the setting or if there was something unusual which made the book stand out. Make sure you give the book a rating out of 5 as well.

If you’re under 12 make sure an adult sets up an account first and they can add you afterwards. Or come and see Mrs Lown who can add you to the school account!

Keep reading and get reviewing,

The ILC Team

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