The ILC In Numbers

Did you know that there are 7286 different key words used in our database for the ILC which tag books into different categories?

The top ten tags are, in order; “none provided”, “young adult fiction”, “adventure stories”, “fantasy & magical realism”, “art”, “childrens stories”, “Poetry”, “history”, “religion”, and “Historical fiction”.

Sadly, the “none provided” tag isn’t something we’re proud of in the ILC. We are actively trying to improve the tagging system, and hopefully over the remainder of the year, the 574 books tagged “none provided” will be 0.

We have some surprising tags in the ILC however. We have 3 books tagged under “hats”, 2 under “snails”, yet none about “ironing”.

The tag “12” had 13 occurrences, and “normality” only has 1. For some reason, we even have 1 book tagged “same-day delivery”.

Sadly, there are, as yet, no books tagged “tag”.

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