Work Experience & Careers

This week Year 10 students will be away on their work experience.

This week is a great opportunity for students to find out how the world of work really, well, works.

But what if you don’t know what you want to do? There’s no need to wait until Year 10 to research a career path, you can start as early as you’d like. Better yet, you can change your mind at any point! But, whichever route you’re looking at, the more you know, the better informed your decision will be.

Check out the UCAS website here; you can search various careers and also take a quick careers quiz to help you understand your personality type and what may suit you career-wise.

The National Careers Service has a huge amount of information about different career paths and jobs, and is fully searchable if you click through to “Explore Careers”.

Prospects is another website that can help you narrow down your options. Browsing by sector can be helpful if you just don’t know what jobs are out there in a particular area.

St Laurence can help too. Did you know that Mrs Smith in the careers office can arrange a meeting for you to talk to our career advisor at any time?

You’ll also find a wide range of prospectuses in the ILC, not to mention a wide selection of books on various jobs, career areas and industries.

No matter what your interests, you’ll be sure to find something that fills you with excitement for your future.