Book spine poetry

Sometimes it’s worth getting out from behind our desks and looking at all the wonderful books we have in the ILC. Ms Whitfield challenged us to a book spine poetry competition… have a look at what we came up with:

Mrs Lown’s poetry
Miss Cooter’s poetry
Ms Whitfield’s poetry

Could you do better? Pop down to the ILC and make your own book spine poetry! Prizes available for the best ones.

500 words shortlisted entries

Congratulations to all those shortlisted in the BBC 500 words short story competition. There are some great stories, so if you fancy a quick read head over to the BBC website.

This is the third year that Mrs Lown has been a judge for the 500 words competition. So we thought we’d ask her a little bit about the judging process.

What made you decide to volunteer to be a 500 words judge?

It was a little bit of everything really. I love a great story, had some free time and think it’s really important that children have the opportunity to write stories and enter competitions. 500 words is great because there are so few rules, you can write about anything.

What makes a story stand out?

So many different things; it can be a great character, an unusual setting, a surprising plot twist. Anything that I don’t expect and makes me sit up and think.

How are stories judged?

There are five different criteria;

  • originality
  • plot
  • characterisation
  • language
  • enjoyment.

Each one is given a score out of 10. It’s quite a simple process, though sometimes it can be tricky. My favourite criteria is enjoyment, it encompasses the whole judging process. Anything that makes me want to read it again or gives me that spark of happiness, scores really high.

What’s your favourite part of being a 500 words judge?

It’s great to be able to see stories written by children and young people all over the country. Each one is like a little snapshot into someone else’s life. I really like how you can see what interests kids and the things that matter to them.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to enter next year?

Practise. Like anything, you don’t get good at it overnight. Plus, it can be really hard to get a whole story into just 500 words!

Write the stories you’d want to read, chances are if it’s something that interests you, someone else will want to read it too.

Get writing,

The ILC team.

Reading Bingo Competition

for World Book Day

It’s competition time here in the ILC, and to celebrate World Book Day, we’re asking you to complete our reading bingo card!

Complete any one line down, across, or through the “free square” diagonally, and you’ll be in with a chance to win one of 5 prizes we’re offering. You can come into the ILC to request a card or download and print off a copy using the link below.

You have until the end of term to complete your line, submit it to the ILC and be entered for your prize!

Get writing!

The BBC have launched their annual 500 words short story competition.

The competition is open to writers up to 13 years old. All you need to do is tell the best story possible in 500 words. What will you write about? Spaceships? Grannies? Cookies? The best day of summer? Snow day surprises?

Check out the BBC 500 words page here. You can submit to this brilliant national competition online. Check out the prizes up for grabs here too! You have until the 8th of March!

Once you’ve finished your story, you can submit it to a school-only competition too! Bring it down to the ILC where Mrs Lown will have a prize for the best one.