Literary Periodic Table

Keep an eye out for the new literary elements displayed around school. These are a great way to find a new read. Which element do you fancy reading from next? Romance, mystery, crime, dystopia, comedy or something else?

Which element will you start with?

Whatever you pick, flip open the card to find a recommendation and bring the card to the ILC to borrow the book inside!


You may have noticed that lately we’ve been plastering the school in posters featuring Swedish teen climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg and asking you all to help us make ecobricks.

But what is an ecobrick? And why do we want your rubbish to make them?

An ecobrick is a building block made entirely from unrecyclable plastic. It’s created by filling a plastic bottle with clean, dry plastic until it’s packed tightly and can be used as a building block.

That’s why we’re asking you for your food wrappers – chocolate or fruit bar wrappers, crisp packets, the clear plastic used to cover fruit and vegetables, plastic bags for bread, and so on. Basically anything that is single use plastic that you’d normally throw away can be put into an ecobrick and become something useful rather than going into landfill or – worse – the ocean.

And yes, it may sound a bit gross to keep rubbish that you’d normally throw away. But if we’re going to help the planet we all need to do our bit, and this is really easy. And your hands are perfectly washable.

What are we going to use them for? Ecobricks can be used in building projects, as if the bottle is packed hard enough it becomes rigid and strong, and is also naturally insulating. We can send the St Laurence School ecobricks to developing countries to make furniture or buildings, or if anyone has a great idea for something we could construct at school from them we’d love to hear it.

So please, do your bit to help the planet at school and bring us your food wrappers and plastic bottles to the ILC so we can work on this project together.


During November many of the books in the ILC sported a brand new look. They all wore a moustache…

Not the flimsy plastic sort you might get out of a Christmas cracker, but a variety of styles – from woofly to bumfluff, bristly to droopy to… well… Hitler. And even a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf got in on the act, although we did decide he might look better with a floppy and droopy amount of face hair than the short and brisk moustache he actually did have.

The reason for this is Movember – which takes place every November – whereby those that can, are encouraged to be sponsored to grow a moustache over the thirty days of the month, then shave it off, sometimes with great ceremony. The money they raise goes into the Movember Foundation, an organisation that seeks to stop men dying too young by raising awareness of testicular and prostate cancer, men’s mental health and suicide prevention. These are some of the biggest causes of early death in males, and by raising awareness of the symptoms and issues around these killers the Movember foundation are trying to change this. Therefore, encouraging moustache growth during November is one way to raise awareness, and each year thousands of men take up the challenge.

Therefore, as part of this campaign, the books in the ILC have got in on the act, and many of them have had added facial hair during the month alongside any of the staff who have been taking part in Movember. Next year, we’re hoping to make this bigger and better, as the interest generated helped to raise a lot of awareness of the campaign.

We’ve now shaved the books again, but we can’t help missing some of the looks we’d created – particularly Aiden Turner as Poldark with the biggest woofly moustache going.

Seen the movie?

Now read the book…

Here in the ILC we have loads of books that you might have caught a glimpse of on Netflix or TV.

Have you ever wondered what Frodo’s journey would have been like if not confined to a mere 9hrs 18mins? Did you ever think that, actually, no, Harry Potter shouldn’t act like that? Was Katniss Everdeen just not bad-ass enough? Why don’t you give the books a try? From James and the Giant Peach through to the Da Vinci Code, we’ve got it all.