Short Stories

Some argue that the end of a book is the best bit. That resolution, that happy ending… But what do you do when you feel like getting to that point, to that resolution, is a chore?

Well, you read a short story. That’s what!

The ILC actually has quite a collection of great short stories on the Fiction shelves.

Often, short stories come in larger collections, gathering together a number of stories all in one book. Sometimes there might be lots of stories all by one author, or they might be all on one theme, such as the Ghostly Haunts book in the picture above.

If you’re a bit hesitant to get stuck into a long book, or aren’t sure you’ll like the way the author writes, why don’t you give one of our many short stories a go?

The best bit? It won’t take you long to get to that brilliant ending!

To help you out, we’ve now got “Short Story Collections in the ILC” booklets to help you find your way to our collections. Just ask the librarians.